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Updated: 14 December 2018
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1. Active

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(A) Applicants who have issued Application Proofs only

2018-12-14 Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Inc. - B
2018-12-13 Yun Lee Marine Group Holdings Limited
2018-12-12 Ingrid Millet International Limited
2018-12-12 Pujiang International Group Limited
2018-12-10 Vance International, INC.
2018-12-06 China East Education Holdings Limited
2018-12-04 CTR Holdings Limited
2018-12-04 Wenling Zhejiang Measuring and Cutting Tools Trading Centre Company Limited
2018-12-04 Zhengqi Financial Holdings Corporation
2018-12-03 Dynatele Holdings Limited
2018-11-30 Macau E&M Holding Limited
2018-11-29 China Oriented International Holdings Limited
2018-11-29 Medialink Group Limited
2018-11-28 China Kepei Education Group Limited
2018-11-27 Huarchi Global Group Holdings Limited
2018-11-26 Binjiang Service Group Co. Ltd.
2018-11-26 E-Tech Education Technology (Holdings) Limited
2018-11-26 Landrich Holding Limited
2018-11-23 Shanghai Dongzheng Automotive Finance Co., Ltd.
2018-11-22 Orsun Holdings Limited
2018-11-22 Van Chuam International Limited
2018-11-21 CHM Holdings Limited
2018-11-21 S.A.I. Leisure Group Company Limited
2018-11-21 Satami Group Limited
2018-11-21 Wellfit Holdings Limited
2018-11-20 CPSM Holding Limited
2018-11-20 United E & P Limited
2018-11-15 China Lumena New Materials Corp.
2018-11-15 Hong Kong Entertainment Group Holdings Company Limited
2018-11-15 KNT Holdings Limited
2018-11-14 Ho Hei Group Limited
2018-11-13 Inc
2018-11-13 Zhongliang Holdings Group Company Limited
2018-11-12 CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited
2018-11-12 JH Educational Technology Inc.
2018-11-11 CStone Pharmaceuticals - B
2018-11-07 Chung Fung Holdings Limited
2018-11-05 Chye Joo Group Holdings Limited
2018-11-05 NPC Holdings Limited
2018-11-01 China Risun Group Limited
2018-10-31 Design Capital Limited
2018-10-31 Zengame Technology Holding Limited
2018-10-30 Analogue Holdings Limited
2018-10-30 Asiagroup International Holdings Limited
2018-10-30 Certusnet Corporation
2018-10-30 Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
2018-10-29 Kwan Yong Holdings Limited
2018-10-25 Qingdao Haier Biomedical Co., Ltd.
2018-10-25 Universal Star (Holdings) Limited
2018-10-22 Beijing Huatu Hongyang Education & Culture Corp., Ltd.
2018-10-22 Helenbergh China Holdings Limited
2018-10-22 Lianwai Education Group Limited
2018-10-22 SiS Hospitality Holdings Limited
2018-10-15 China Agrotech Holdings Limited
2018-10-15 Head & Shoulders Financial Group Limited
2018-10-12 Kato (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited
2018-10-10 Edafos Group Limited
2018-10-09 Dao Sheng International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
2018-10-05 ACH Holdings Limited
2018-10-05 Grown Up Group Investment Holdings Limited
2018-10-03 Chen Lin Education Group Holdings Limited
2018-10-03 Jianzhi Education Technology Group Company Limited
2018-10-03 Zhejiang Hongxiang Construction Group Co., Ltd.
2018-10-02 Precious Dragon Technology Holdings Limited
2018-10-02 Privazio Holdings Limited
2018-10-02 Silver Tide Holdings Limited
2018-09-28 Bonny International Holding Limited
2018-09-26 BitMain Technologies Holding Company -W
2018-09-26 CR Construction Group Holdings Limited
2018-09-26 Gansu Qingheyuan Halal Food Co., Ltd.
2018-09-26 Green Future Food Hydrocolloid Marine Science Company Limited
2018-09-26 Homeland Interactive Technology Ltd.
2018-09-24 Haitong UniTrust International Leasing Co., Ltd.
2018-09-24 Skyforce Group Limited
2018-09-24 Snack Empire Holdings Limited
2018-09-21 Averise Group Limited
2018-09-20 Million Hope Industries Holdings Limited
2018-09-18 Dexin China Holdings Company Limited
2018-09-18 Wah Tung Holdings Limited
2018-09-18 Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Group Company Limited
2018-09-17 Verto Technology Limited
2018-09-17 Ximei Resources Holding Limited
2018-09-13 K2 Capital Investment Holdings Limited
2018-09-12 Yincheng International Holding Co., Ltd.
2018-09-11 Sun Parking Systems Limited
2018-09-10 360 Ludashi Holdings Limited
2018-09-10 Khoon Group Limited
2018-09-07 IntelliCentrics Global Holdings Ltd.
2018-09-07 Synergychem Group Holdings Limited
2018-09-06 Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited
2018-09-04 CMGE Technology Group Limited
2018-09-03 Aoyuan Healthy Life Group Company Limited
2018-09-03 Cookies Quartet Holdings Limited
2018-09-03 Duiba Group Limited
2018-09-03 Entertainment Plus
2018-09-03 Fultra Holdings Limited
2018-09-03 HY Technology Holding Limited
2018-09-03 Min Kin Holdings Limited
2018-08-31 Alpha Smart Limited
2018-08-31 Heng Hup Holdings Limited
2018-08-30 Pipeline Engineering Holdings Limited
2018-08-29 Doumob
2018-08-29 Peiport Holdings Ltd.
2018-08-28 Simeco Group Limited
2018-08-28 Tubatu Group Holdings Limited
2018-08-27 Greens Holdings Ltd
2018-08-27 Impro Precision Industries Limited
2018-08-27 Sun Car Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.
2018-08-23 Impact Global Holdings (Cayman) Company Limited
2018-08-23 Zhejiang New Century Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
2018-08-22 Mabpharm Limited - B
2018-08-20 Ascentage Pharma Group International - B
2018-08-20 Lumos Global Limited
2018-08-20 Onhing Holdings Limited
2018-08-20 Tianqi Lithium Corporation
2018-08-16 Keio Holdings Limited
2018-08-14 Guan Chao Holdings Limited
2018-08-08 Man Fai Development Holdings Limited
2018-08-06 China Everbright Water Limited
2018-08-06 Weimob Inc
2018-08-01 Microbeam International Holdings Limited
2018-08-01 Shangde Qizhi Education Group Limited
2018-07-30 EC Excel Holdings Limited
2018-07-30 Sinochem Energy Co., Ltd.
2018-07-27 Shiyue Group Limited
2018-07-24 B & D Strategic Holdings Limited
2018-07-23 Viva Biotech Holdings
2018-07-19 Team Eight Group Holdings Limited
2018-07-19 TS Wonders Holding Limited
2018-07-16 Hong Xin Holdings Limited
2018-07-13 Sang Hing Holdings (International) Limited
2018-07-12 The Palace Holdings Limited
2018-07-10 CNMC Goldmine Holdings Limited
2018-07-10 Legion Consortium Limited
2018-07-06 AM Group Holdings Limited
2018-07-05 Lichen China Limited
2018-07-03 AOBiome Therapeutics, Inc. - B
2018-07-03 Beng Soon Machinery Holdings Limited
2018-07-03 Frontage Holdings Corporation
2018-07-03 KEH Holdings Limited
2018-07-03 KYH Holdings Limited
2018-07-03 PLS Holdings Limited
2018-07-03 Stealth BioTherapeutics Corp. - B
2018-07-03 Welab Holdings Limited
2018-06-29 Best Mart 360 Holdings Limited
2018-06-29 Chengdu Expressway Co., Ltd.
2018-06-29 Richful Deyong Holdings Group Limited
2018-06-29 Wecon Holdings Limited
2018-06-28 Fromdeep Holdings Limited
2018-06-28 MicuRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - B
2018-06-27 Duoyi Information, Inc
2018-06-25 IES Technology (Holdings) Limited
2018-06-25 International Alliance Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
2018-06-24 Ebang International Holdings Inc.
2018-06-22 Wai Hung Group Holdings Limited
2018-06-19 JBB Builders International Limited
2018-06-19 Soar Group Holdings Limited
2018-05-24 Macau CPM Holdings
2018-04-30 Houng Kee Group Holdings Limited

(B) Applicants who have issued Application Proofs and PHIPs

2018-12-14 China Gingko Education Group Company Limited
2018-12-10 China Tianrui Automotive Interiors Co., Ltd
2018-12-10 Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd. - B
2018-12-10 Sichuan Energy Investment Development Co., Ltd.
2018-12-10 Sino Gas Holdings Group Limited
2018-12-10 Weigang Environmental Technology Holding Group Limited
2018-12-10 Yield Go Holdings Ltd.
2018-12-07 Hujiang Education & Technology (Shanghai) Corporation Limited
2018-12-06 China Beststudy Education Group
2018-12-06 Million Cities Holdings Limited
2018-12-06 Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited
2018-12-05 Pacific Millennium Packaging Group Corporation
2018-12-02 Luzhou City Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
2018-11-29 Ever Sunshine Lifestyle Services Group Limited
2018-11-23 AsiaInfo Technologies Limited
2018-11-18 Koolearn Technology Holding Limited
2018-11-13 CanSino Biologics Inc. - B
2018-10-26 Wanka Online Inc.
2018-09-28 OCC Cables Limited

2. Inactive

3. Listed

4. Returned

A Biotech Company listed under Chapter 18A of the Listing Rules has its name that ends with the marker "B".
An issuer with a WVR structure has its company name that ends with the marker "W".

Application Proof and PHIP

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