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Updated: 30 December 2014

Year: 2014

Date of First Posting



2014-12-29 Niraku GC Holdings, Inc. Listed
2014-12-23 Nanxiang Holding Limited Withdrawn
2014-12-22 China Greenfresh Group Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-12-22 In Construction Holdings Limited Listed
2014-12-19 HKBN Ltd. Listed
2014-12-18 Yunnan Water Investment Co., Limited Listed
2014-12-15 Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-11-28 China Animation Characters Company Limited Listed
2014-11-21 Sing Hou Entertainment Group Limited Lapsed
2014-11-11 China Huinong Capital Group Company Limited Lapsed
2014-11-03 Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-10-30 First Mobile Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2014-10-28 Xiabuxiabu Catering Management (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-10-22 Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co., Ltd. Rejected
2014-10-22 Shengjing Bank Co., Ltd Listed
2014-10-17 Chia Tai Enterprises International Limited Lapsed
2014-10-17 KTL International Holdings Group Limited Listed
2014-10-17 SiS Mobile Holdings Limited Listed
2014-10-17 Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited Listed
2014-10-16 BBI Life Sciences Corporation Listed
2014-10-15 Jicheng Umbrella Holdings Limited Listed
2014-10-15 Proview International Holdings Limited Listed
2014-10-13 Yat Sing Holdings Limited Listed
2014-10-10 Cowell e Holdings Inc. Listed
2014-10-07 China Harvest Finance Group Limited Lapsed
2014-10-07 Future Bright Mining Holdings Limited Listed
2014-10-07 Wai Chi Holdings Company Limited Listed
2014-10-06 Vital Mobile Holdings Limited Lapsed
2014-10-03 Canvest Environmental Protection Group Company Limited Listed
2014-10-03 GalaxyCore Inc. Withdrawn
2014-10-03 M800 Group Limited Lapsed
2014-10-03 Nirvana Asia Ltd. Listed
2014-09-29 Wuxi Sunlit Science and Technology Company Limited Listed
2014-09-23 Juda International Holdings Limited Listed
2014-09-23 Suchuang Gas Corporation Limited Listed
2014-09-16 Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-09-16 Feiyu Technology International Company Ltd. Listed
2014-09-12 Zuoli Kechuang Micro-finance Company Limited Listed
2014-09-11 Chun Sing Engineering Holdings Limited Listed
2014-09-11 EGL Holdings Company Limited Listed
2014-09-10 China Nonferrous Gold Limited Rejected
2014-09-08 ELL Environmental Holdings Limited Listed
2014-09-04 BeijingWest Industries International Limited Listed
2014-09-04 Hong Kong Airlines International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2014-09-04 King's Flair International (Holdings) Limited Listed
2014-09-04 Manfield Chemical Holdings Limited Lapsed
2014-09-04 Xinming China Holdings Limited Lapsed
2014-09-03 CGN Power Co., Ltd Listed
2014-08-29 Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-08-27 Yan Tat Group Holdings Limited Listed
2014-08-14 Hextar Holdings Limited Lapsed
2014-08-11 China VAST Industrial Urban Development Company Limited Listed
2014-08-06 Time2U International Holding Limited Lapsed
2014-08-01 Global International Credit Group Limited Listed
2014-08-01 Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company Listed
2014-07-25 China Rundong Auto Group Limited Listed
2014-07-25 Hin Sang Group (International) Holding Co. Ltd. Listed
2014-07-24 Pengai Hospital Management Corporation Lapsed
2014-07-17 Nga Chun Holdings Company Limited Listed
2014-07-16 Sam Woo Construction Group Limited Listed
2014-07-09 WH Group Limited Listed
2014-07-07 Beijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. Lapsed
2014-07-04 Austar Lifesciences Limited Listed
2014-07-04 China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited Listed
2014-07-04 Q Technology (Group) Company Limited Listed
2014-07-04 Zensun International Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2014-07-03 Cogobuy Group Listed
2014-07-03 Iao Kun Group Holding Company Limited Lapsed
2014-07-03 Pa Shun Pharmaceutical International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2014-07-02 Asiaray Media Group Limited Listed
2014-07-02 BAIC Motor Corporation Limited Listed
2014-07-02 Man Sang Jewellery Holdings Limited Listed
2014-07-02 New Concepts Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-27 China Fordoo Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-27 China Shengmu Organic Milk Limited Listed
2014-06-26 Broad Greenstate International Company Limited Listed
2014-06-26 China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-26 Ernest Borel Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-26 Hanbo Enterprises Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-24 Fulum Group Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-24 On Time Logistics Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-23 Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-06-22 Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited Listed
2014-06-22 Century Sage Scientific Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-22 Luye Pharma Group Ltd. Listed
2014-06-22 Tian Ge Interactive Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-20 China Tuna Industry Group Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2014-06-19 CGN Meiya Power Holdings Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-06-19 Guorui Properties Limited Listed
2014-06-18 Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited Listed
2014-06-16 Koradior Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-16 Ourgame International Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-15 Hang Fat Ginseng Holdings Company Limited Listed
2014-06-15 Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-15 Kangda International Environmental Company Limited Listed
2014-06-15 Yida China Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-13 Jia Yao Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-13 Jiashili Group Limited Listed
2014-06-11 Chanjet Information Technology Company Limited Listed
2014-06-11 China New City Commercial Development Limited Listed
2014-06-10 Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Company Limited Listed
2014-06-10 Earthasia International Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-08 Central China Securities Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-06-06 Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Company Limited Lapsed
2014-06-04 Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd Listed
2014-06-03 Jinmao Investments and Jinmao (China) Investments Holdings Limited Listed
2014-06-02 Tianhe Chemicals Group Limited Listed
2014-05-30 Ozner Water International Holding Limited Listed
2014-05-30 Sinomax Group Limited Listed
2014-05-22 CAR Inc. Listed
2014-05-22 Qingdao Port International Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-05-21 Global Brands Group Holding Limited Listed
2014-05-19 Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-05-14 Hengxing Gold Holding Company Limited Listed
2014-05-11 Best Pacific International Holdings Limited Listed
2014-05-07 Baguio Green Group Limited Listed
2014-05-05 Changgang Dunxin Enterprise Company Limited Listed
2014-05-02 Colour Life Services Group Co., Limited Listed
2014-04-23 China CNR Corporation Limited Listed
2014-04-23 China Vanke Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-04-08 Wang Tai Holdings Limited Listed
2014-03-30 WH Group Limited Lapsed
2014-03-25 BAIOO Family Interactive Limited Listed
2014-03-17 Harbin Bank Co., Ltd. Listed
2014-02-26 Sunfonda Group Holdings Limited Listed
2014-02-25 Sunshine 100 China Holdings Ltd Listed
2014-01-17 Redco Properties Group Limited Listed

A Biotech Company listed under Chapter 18A of the Listing Rules has its name that ends with the marker "B".
An issuer with a WVR structure has its company name that ends with the marker "W".