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Updated: 30 December 2016

Year: 2016

Date of First Posting



2016-12-30 CATALO Natural Health Limited Lapsed
2016-12-23 BGMC International Limited Lapsed
2016-12-19 Goldman Faith Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-12-13 Wealthy Way Group Limited Lapsed
2016-12-05 OneForce Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-11-29 Shanshan Brand Management Company Limited Lapsed
2016-11-24 CPM Group Limited Lapsed
2016-11-16 Riverine China Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-11-14 Dongguang Chemical Limited Lapsed
2016-11-08 Persta Resources Inc. Listed
2016-11-02 Tian Yuan Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-11-01 China Shenghai Food Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2016-10-28 Da Sen Holdings Group Limited Listed
2016-10-28 Pantronics Holdings Limited Listed
2016-10-26 Beibu Gulf Marine International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-10-24 China Art Financial Holdings Limited Listed
2016-10-24 Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holdings Company Limited Listed
2016-10-19 Win Win Way Construction Holdings Ltd. Lapsed
2016-10-18 Bojun Education Company Limited Lapsed
2016-10-17 Xin Point Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-10-12 China Great Ambition Group Limited Lapsed
2016-10-06 Morris Holdings Limited Listed
2016-10-03 Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd Lapsed
2016-09-30 Ying Wah Construction International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-29 Milestone Builder Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-26 CSC Financial Co., Ltd. Listed
2016-09-26 Minsheng Education Group Company Limited Listed
2016-09-26 Risecomm Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-23 Evergreen Products Group Limited Lapsed
2016-09-23 Hebei Yichen Industrial Group Corporation Limited Listed
2016-09-23 Mengke Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-23 UTS Marketing Solutions Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-22 Able Engineering Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-20 Rici Healthcare Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-15 Gold One Group Limited Lapsed
2016-09-14 Pine Care Group Limited Listed
2016-09-13 ISDN Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-12 China YuHua Education Corporation Limited Listed
2016-09-12 New Century Healthcare Holding Co. Limited Listed
2016-09-09 China New University Group Co., Ltd. Lapsed
2016-09-09 Luzhou Xinglu Water (Group) Co., Ltd. Lapsed
2016-09-05 Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. Lapsed
2016-09-01 Lai Si Enterprise Holding Limited Listed
2016-09-01 Tongda Hong Tai Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-08-24 DBA Telecommunication (Asia) Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-08-23 Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co., Ltd. Listed
2016-08-22 Datang Environment Industry Group Co., Ltd. Listed
2016-08-22 Meitu, Inc. Listed
2016-08-22 Sanroc International Holdings Limited Listed
2016-08-16 Clifford Modern Living Holdings Limited Listed
2016-08-16 Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank Corporation Limited Listed
2016-08-15 U-RIGHT International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-08-11 Five Dragons Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-08-11 SH Group (Holdings) Limited Listed
2016-08-09 Wisdom Education International Holdings Company Limited Listed
2016-08-08 AAB International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-08-01 Kunming Dianchi Water Treatment Co., Ltd. Lapsed
2016-08-01 Royal Deluxe Holdings Limited Listed
2016-07-26 Yuk Wing Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-07-21 Gemilang International Limited Listed
2016-07-21 RBMS Group Limited Lapsed
2016-07-19 Progressive Path Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-07-18 SHIS Limited Lapsed
2016-07-13 Guangdong Kanghua Healthcare Co., Ltd. Listed
2016-07-11 Trillion Plus (Holdings) Company Limited Lapsed
2016-07-05 JNBY Design Limited Listed
2016-07-04 Chanhigh Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-07-04 Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. Rejected
2016-07-04 Chong Kin Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-07-04 Echosens SA Lapsed
2016-07-04 FIT Hon Teng Limited Lapsed
2016-07-04 Geotech Holdings Ltd. Lapsed
2016-07-04 Nanfang Communication Holdings Limited Listed
2016-07-04 Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd. Listed
2016-06-30 Cenmingtang Holding Limited Lapsed
2016-06-30 Hospital Corporation of China Limited Lapsed
2016-06-27 CATALO Natural Health Limited Lapsed
2016-06-27 China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited Listed
2016-06-27 COFCO Meat Holdings Limited Listed
2016-06-27 Rohesen Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-27 Sheung Yue Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-06-27 Yuk Sing Engineering Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-23 Microware Group Limited Lapsed
2016-06-22 Honma Golf Limited Listed
2016-06-22 Zhou Hei Ya International Holdings Company Limited Listed
2016-06-21 Everbright Securities Company Limited Listed
2016-06-20 Food Wise Holdings Limited Listed
2016-06-20 IBI Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-06-17 CHerish Holdings Limited Listed
2016-06-17 Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd. Listed
2016-06-10 China Everbright Greentech Limited Lapsed
2016-06-03 Ausupreme International Holdings Limited Listed
2016-05-31 VPower Group International Holdings Limited Listed
2016-05-30 Shun Wo Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-05-30 Wealthy Way Group Limited Lapsed
2016-05-13 China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd. Listed
2016-05-10 Persta Resources Inc. Lapsed
2016-05-05 Enhui Holdings (Cayman) Limited Rejected
2016-05-05 Shun Cheong Holdings Limited Listed
2016-05-03 Okura Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-05-03 Tian Yuan Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-04-29 Oceania Green Food Holdings Company Limited Rejected
2016-04-28 Pantronics Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-04-25 China Art Financial Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-04-25 Lifestyle China Group Limited Listed
2016-04-21 China Unienergy Group Limited Listed
2016-04-21 Da Sen Holdings Group Limited Lapsed
2016-04-20 Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2016-04-20 Hailan Holdings Limited Listed
2016-04-19 Chuan Holdings Limited Listed
2016-04-19 Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited Listed
2016-04-15 Smart-Core Holdings Limited Listed
2016-04-11 DFZQ Listed
2016-04-08 AK Medical Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-04-06 Morris Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-04-01 Garden Fresh Group Holding Co., Ltd Lapsed
2016-04-01 Vincent Medical Holdings Limited Listed
2016-03-31 Prosper Construction Holdings Limited Listed
2016-03-31 Qinqin Foodstuffs Group (Cayman) Company Limited Listed
2016-03-31 Yihai International Holding Ltd. Listed
2016-03-30 China Logistics Property Holdings Co., Ltd Listed
2016-03-30 Get Nice Financial Group Limited Listed
2016-03-29 Zhongmei Healthcare Group Limited Lapsed
2016-03-24 CROSSTEC Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-03-24 Star Properties Group (Cayman Islands) Limited Listed
2016-03-23 Plover Bay Technologies Limited Listed
2016-03-23 SMIT Holdings Limited Listed
2016-03-22 Hebei Yichen Industrial Group Corporation Limited Lapsed
2016-03-22 Mengke Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-18 Rici Healthcare Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-17 Tiantongyuan Community Management Services Group Limited Rejected
2016-03-11 K. H. Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-03-10 Ever Harvest Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-03-07 Yadea Group Holdings Ltd. Listed
2016-03-04 BOC Aviation Limited Listed
2016-02-26 China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Listed
2016-02-22 Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co., Ltd. Lapsed
2016-02-05 Clifford Modern Living Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-02-04 China Leon Inspection Holding Limited Listed
2016-02-02 Pacific Biopharmaceutical Limited Lapsed
2016-01-25 FM China Fund Limited Lapsed
2016-01-19 AAB International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-01-12 Bank of Tianjin Co., Ltd Listed
2016-01-11 Tysan Foundation Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2016-01-08 CCCC Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd. Lapsed
2016-01-05 Chutian Dragon Corporation Limited Lapsed
2016-01-05 Huajin International Holdings Limited Listed
2016-01-05 Safe-Run Group Holding Limited Lapsed
2016-01-04 Ground Properties Company Limited Listed
2016-01-04 RBMS Group Limited Lapsed

A Biotech Company listed under Chapter 18A of the Listing Rules has its name that ends with the marker "B".
An issuer with a WVR structure has its company name that ends with the marker "W".