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Updated: 17 January 2019

Year: 2019

Date of First Posting



2019-01-17 Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Active
2019-01-16 China Yuanfang (Holding) Group Corporation Active
2019-01-15 KEH Holdings Limited Active
2019-01-15 Sang Hing Holdings (International) Limited Active
2019-01-14 Palace Banquet Holdings Limited Active
2019-01-14 Shanghai Gench Education Group Limited Active
2019-01-11 Tu Yi Holding Company Limited Active
2019-01-09 GHW International Active
2019-01-08 Wecon Holdings Limited Active
2019-01-07 Wai Hung Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-01-04 JHP Fintech Inc. Active
2019-01-03 Golden Shield Holdings (Industrial) Limited Active

A Biotech Company listed under Chapter 18A of the Listing Rules has its name that ends with the marker "B".
An issuer with a WVR structure has its company name that ends with the marker "W".