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Updated: 26 June 2019

Stock Code


01530 3SBio Inc.
02051 51 Credit Card Inc.
00797 7Road Holdings Limited
01737 A & S Group (Holdings) Limited
02686 AAG Energy Holdings Limited
01615 AB Builders Group Limited
01627 Able Engineering Holdings Limited
01757 Affluent Foundation Holdings Limited
01789 AK Medical Holdings Limited
03319 A-Living Services Co., Ltd.
01849 AM Group Holdings Limited
01592 Anchorstone Holdings Limited
03662 Aoyuan Healthy Life Group Company Limited
01496 AP Rentals Holdings Limited
06036 Apex Ace Holding Limited
01672 Ascletis Pharma Inc. - B
01675 AsiaInfo Technologies Limited
01993 Asiaray Media Group Limited
06118 Austar Lifesciences Limited
02031 Ausupreme International Holdings Limited
01780 B & D Strategic Holdings Limited
01705 B & S International Holdings Ltd.
01761 BabyTree Group
01397 Baguio Green Group Limited
01958 BAIC Motor Corporation Limited
02100 BAIOO Family Interactive Limited
02139 Bank of Gansu Co., Ltd.
00416 Bank of Jinzhou Co., Ltd.
06190 Bank of Jiujiang Co., Ltd.
03866 Bank of Qingdao Co., Ltd.
01578 Bank of Tianjin Co., Ltd
06196 Bank of Zhengzhou Co., Ltd.
01035 BBI Life Sciences Corporation
06160 BeiGene, Ltd. - B
01858 Beijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.
06188 Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd.
01599 Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited
02339 BeijingWest Industries International Limited
02360 Best Mart 360 Holdings Limited
02111 Best Pacific International Holdings Limited
03358 Bestway Global Holding Inc.
01775 BExcellent Group Holdings Limited
01693 BGMC International Limited
01552 BHCC Holding Limited
03316 Binjiang Service Group Co. Ltd.
02588 BOC Aviation Limited
03329 BOCOM International Holdings Company Limited
01758 Bojun Education Company Limited
01906 Bonny International Holding Limited
01253 Broad Greenstate International Company Limited
06185 CanSino Biologics Inc. - B
01381 Canvest Environmental Protection Group Company Limited
00699 CAR Inc.
01375 Central China Securities Co., Ltd.
06090 Centurion Corporation Limited
01450 Century Sage Scientific Holdings Limited
01811 CGN Meiya Power Holdings Co., Ltd.
01816 CGN Power Co., Ltd
02229 Changgang Dunxin Enterprise Company Limited
02017 Chanhigh Holdings Limited
01588 Chanjet Information Technology Company Limited
02286 Chen Xing Development Holdings Limited
01785 Chengdu Expressway Co., Ltd.
02113 CHerish Holdings Limited
01113 Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited
03839 Chia Tai Enterprises International Limited
01598 China 21st Century Education Group Limited
01848 China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited
01566 China Animation Characters Company Limited
01572 China Art Financial Holdings Limited
03978 China Beststudy Education Group
02377 China Boqi Environmental (Holding) Co., Ltd.
01969 China Chunlai Education Group Co., Ltd.
06199 China CNR Corporation Limited
01606 China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
00667 China East Education Holdings Limited
00839 China Education Group Holdings Limited
03996 China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited
01257 China Everbright Greentech Limited
01857 China Everbright Water Limited
02399 China Fordoo Holdings Limited
01851 China Gingko Education Group Company Limited
06183 China Greenfresh Group Co., Ltd.
01197 China Hengshi Foundation Company Limited
02799 China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd.
03908 China International Capital Corporation Limited
01763 China Isotope & Radiation Corporation
01890 China Kepei Education Group Limited
01586 China Leon Inspection Holding Limited
00772 China Literature Limited
01589 China Logistics Property Holdings Co., Ltd
01317 China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited
06099 China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd.
01321 China New City Commercial Development Limited
02001 China New Higher Education Group Limited
02669 China Overseas Property Holdings Limited
01532 China Partytime Culture Holdings Limited
00735 China Power Clean Energy Development Company Limited
03969 China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Limited
01508 China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation
01911 China Renaissance Holdings Limited
03320 China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited
01907 China Risun Group Limited
03963 China Rongzhong Financial Holdings Company Limited
01365 China Rundong Auto Group Limited
01676 China Shenghai Food Holdings Company Limited
01432 China Shengmu Organic Milk Limited
00974 China Shun Ke Long Holdings Limited
06162 China Tianrui Automotive Interiors Co., Ltd
06055 China Tobacco International (HK) Company Limited
00788 China Tower Corporation Limited
01573 China Unienergy Group Limited
02202 China Vanke Co., Ltd.
06166 China VAST Industrial Urban Development Company Limited
02779 China Xinhua Education Group Limited
06169 China YuHua Education Corporation Limited
02016 China Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd.
01492 China ZhongDi Dairy Holdings Company Limited
01556 Chinney Kin Wing Holdings Limited
01609 Chong Kin Group Holdings Limited
01420 Chuan Holdings Limited
02289 Chuangmei Pharmaceutical co., Ltd.
02277 Chun Sing Engineering Holdings Limited
00001 CK Hutchison Holdings Limited
01341 Clear Lift Holdings Limited
03686 Clifford Modern Living Holdings Limited
03309 C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited
01240 CNQC International Holdings Limited
01610 COFCO Meat Holdings Limited
00400 Cogobuy Group
01778 Colour Life Services Group Co., Limited
02298 Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Company Limited
06098 Country Garden Services Holdings Company Limited
01415 Cowell e Holdings Inc.
01932 CPM Group Limited
01786 CRCC High-Tech Equipment Corporation Limited
03992 Creative Enterprise Holdings Limited
03893 CROSSTEC Group Holdings Limited
02232 Crystal International Group Limited
06066 CSC Financial Co., Ltd.
01815 CSMall Group Limited
03877 CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited
02616 CStone Pharmaceuticals-B
01620 CTEH Inc.
01301 D&G Technology Holding Company Limited
01580 Da Sen Holdings Group Limited
06111 DaFa Properties Group Limited
03799 Dali Foods Group Company Limited
03699 Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd.
01007 Daqing Dairy Holdings Limited
01272 Datang Environment Industry Group Co., Ltd.
01452 Denox Environmental & Technology Holdings Limited
01545 Design Capital Limited
02019 Dexin China Holdings Company Limited
03958 DFZQ
02022 Digital Hollywood Interactive Limited
01702 Dongguang Chemical Limited
01917 Doumob
01712 Dragon Mining Limited
01712 Dragon Mining Limited
06829 Dragon Rise Group Holdings Limited
01753 Duiba Group Limited
01330 Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd
06128 Earthasia International Holdings Limited
06882 EGL Holdings Company Limited
02048 E-House (China) Enterprise Holdings Limited
01395 ELL Environmental Holdings Limited
01856 Ernest Borel Holdings Limited
01725 Eternity Technology Holdings Limited
01549 Ever Harvest Group Holdings Limited
03616 Ever Reach Group (Holdings) Company Limited
01995 Ever Sunshine Lifestyle Services Group Limited
03699 Everbright Grand China Assets Limited
06178 Everbright Securities Company Limited
01962 Evergreen Products Group Limited
01022 Feiyu Technology International Company Ltd.
06860 FingerTango Inc.
00865 First Mobile Group Holdings Limited
06088 FIT Hon Teng Limited
06865 Flat Glass Group Co., Ltd.
01632 Food Wise Holdings Limited
01992 Fosun Tourism Group
01521 Frontage Holdings Corporation
00331 FSE Engineering Holdings Limited
01721 FSM Holdings Limited
01034 Fullwealth Construction Holdings Company Limited
01443 Fulum Group Holdings Limited
01652 Fusen Pharmaceutical Company Limited
02212 Future Bright Mining Holdings Limited
03606 Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.
06038 G & M Holdings Limited
01772 Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd.
06163 Gemilang International Limited
01548 Genscript Biotech Corporation
01707 Geotech Holdings Ltd.
01469 Get Nice Financial Group Limited
01776 GF Securities Co., Ltd.
00787 Global Brands Group Holding Limited
01669 Global International Credit Group Limited
02863 Golden Faith Group Holdings Limited
01783 Golden Ponder Holdings Limited
06896 Golden Throat Holdings Group Company Limited
02869 Greentown Service Group Co. Ltd.
00989 Ground Properties Company Limited
01872 Guan Chao Holdings Limited
06189 Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holdings Company Limited
01543 Guangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Investment Co., Ltd.
03689 Guangdong Kanghua Healthcare Co., Ltd.
01551 Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
01456 Guolian Securities Co., Ltd.
02329 Guorui Properties Limited
02611 Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd.
06862 Haidilao International Holding Ltd.
02278 Hailan Holdings Limited
01905 Haitong UniTrust International Leasing Co., Ltd.
01367 Hanbo Enterprises Holdings Limited
00911 Hang Fat Ginseng Holdings Company Limited
03626 Hang Sang (Siu Po) International Holding Company Limited
01894 Hang Yick Holdings Company Limited
03903 Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
03692 Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited
06138 Harbin Bank Co., Ltd.
01509 Harmonicare Medical Holdings Limited
01727 Hebei Construction Group Corporation Limited
01596 Hebei Yichen Industrial Group Corporation Limited
06885 Henan Jinma Energy Company Limited
01891 Heng Hup Holdings Limited
02303 Hengxing Gold Holding Company Limited
06893 Hin Sang Group (International) Holding Co. Ltd.
01968 Hingtex Holdings Limited
01723 HK Asia Holdings Limited
01310 HKBN Ltd.
01726 HKE Holdings Limited
03678 Holly Futures Co., Ltd.
06858 Honma Golf Limited
01765 Hope Education Group Co., Ltd.
03869 Hospital Corporation of China Limited
01742 HPC Holdings Limited
06886 HTSC
01347 Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited
02552 Hua Medicine - B
02738 Huajin International Holdings Limited
01806 Huifu Payment Limited
01419 Human Health Holdings Limited
01446 Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Limited
01396 Hydoo International Holding Limited
01547 IBI Group Holdings Limited
02708 IBO Technology Company Limited
01119 iDreamSky Technology Holdings Limited
01970 IMAX China Holding, Inc.
01500 In Construction Holdings Limited
03700 Inke Limited
01649 Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd.
02680 Innovax Holdings Limited
01801 Innovent Biologics, Inc. - B
06819 IntelliCentrics Global Holdings Ltd.
01563 International Alliance Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
01760 Intron Technology Holdings Limited
01656 ISDN Holdings Limited
02633 Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited
01903 JBB Builders International Limited
01935 JH Educational Technology Inc.
01626 Jia Yao Holdings Limited
02116 Jiangsu Innovative Ecological New Materials Limited
01916 Jiangxi Bank Co., Ltd.
01285 Jiashili Group Limited
02768 Jiayuan International Group Limited
01027 Jicheng Umbrella Holdings Limited
06122 Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank Corporation Limited
06139 Jinmao Investments and Jinmao (China) Investments Holdings Limited
01951 Jinxin Fertility Group Limited
01495 Jiyi Household International Holdings Limited
03306 JNBY Design Limited
01329 Juda International Holdings Limited
01459 Jujiang Construction Group Co., Ltd.
01557 K. H. Group Holdings Limited
02108 K2 F&B Holdings Limited
02168 Kaisa Property Holdings Limited
02225 Kakiko Group Limited
06136 Kangda International Environmental Company Limited
06890 KangLi International Holdings Limited
02189 Kato (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited
03830 Kiddieland International Limited
02122 Kidsland International Holdings Limited
01722 Kin Pang Holdings Limited
01630 Kin Shing Holdings Limited
03302 Kinergy Corporation Ltd.
06822 King's Flair International (Holdings) Limited
01025 KNT Holdings Limited
01797 Koolearn Technology Holding Limited
03709 Koradior Holdings Limited
00442 KTL International Holdings Group Limited
03768 Kunming Dianchi Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
02266 Lai Si Enterprise Holding Limited
01533 Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture Co., Ltd.
01683 LC Group Holdings Limited
01499 LEAP Holdings Group Limited
03396 Legend Holdings Corporation
01978 LH Group Limited
01730 LHN Limited
02136 Lifestyle China Group Limited
00784 Ling Yui Holdings Limited
02186 Luye Pharma Group Ltd.
01461 LUZHENG FUTURES Company Limited
01983 Luzhou City Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
02281 Luzhou Xinglu Water (Group) Co., Ltd.
00095 LVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment Company Limited
02181 Mabpharm Limited-B
02193 Man King Holdings Limited
01466 Man Sang Jewellery Holdings Limited
01746 Man Shun Group (Holdings) Limited
01561 Manfield Chemical Holdings Limited
01896 Maoyan Entertainment
01183 MECOM Power and Construction Limited
02230 Medialink Group Limited
01357 Meitu, Inc.
03690 Meituan Dianping - W
01629 Mengke Holdings Limited
01985 Microware Group Limited
03990 Midea Real Estate Holding Limited
01715 MIJI International Holdings Limited
01667 Milestone Builder Holdings Limited
02892 Million Cities Holdings Limited
01897 Million Hope Industries Holdings Limited
01569 Minsheng Education Group Company Limited
01860 Mobvista Inc.
03600 Modern Dental Group Limited
01575 Morris Holdings Limited
01653 MOS House Group Limited
01716 Most Kwai Chung Limited
01451 MS Group Holdings Limited
01817 Mulsanne Group Holding Limited
01982 Nameson Holdings Limited
01617 Nanfang Communication Holdings Limited
01837 Natural Food International Holding Limited
01518 New Century Healthcare Holding Co. Limited
02221 New Concepts Holdings Limited
01462 Nga Chun Holdings Company Limited
01245 Niraku GC Holdings, Inc.
01438 Nirvana Asia Ltd.
01475 Nissin Foods Company Limited
03773 NNK Group Limited
01655 Okura Holdings Limited
06123 On Time Logistics Holdings Limited
01933 OneForce Holdings Limited
06899 Ourgame International Holdings Limited
02014 Ozner Water International Holding Limited
00574 Pa Shun Pharmaceutical International Holdings Limited
01820 Pacific Millennium Packaging Group Corporation
01703 Palace Banquet Holdings Limited
01611 Pantronics Holdings Limited
02885 Peiport Holdings Ltd.
01665 Pentamaster International Limited
02798 Perennial Energy Holdings Limited
03326 Perfect Group International Holdings Limited
03395 Persta Resources Inc.
01989 Pine Care Group Limited
01833 Ping An HealthCare and Technology Company Limited
01865 Pipeline Engineering Holdings Limited
01523 Plover Bay Technologies Limited
01658 Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd.
01861 Precious Dragon Technology Holdings Limited
01651 Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation Limited
01809 Prinx Chengshan (Cayman) Holding Limited
01581 Progressive Path Group Holdings Limited
06816 Prosper Construction Holdings Limited
01731 Prosperous Industrial (Holdings) Limited
00334 Proview International Holdings Limited
02060 Pujiang International Group Limited
01498 PuraPharm Corporation Limited
01720 Putian Communication Group Limited
01478 Q Technology (Group) Company Limited
01739 Qeeka Home (Cayman) Inc.
01576 Qilu Expressway Company Limited
06198 Qingdao Port International Co., Ltd.
01583 Qinqin Foodstuffs Group (Cayman) Company Limited
01577 Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co., Ltd.
01337 Razer Inc.
01528 Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd.
01622 Redco Properties Group Limited
01996 Redsun Properties Group Limited
02199 Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited
01750 REM Group (Holdings) Limited
01526 Rici Healthcare Holdings Limited
01679 Risecomm Group Holdings Limited
01417 Riverine China Holdings Limited
06117 Rizhao Port Jurong Co., Ltd.
03301 Ronshine China Holdings Limited
03789 Royal Deluxe Holdings Limited
02025 Ruifeng Power Group Company Limited
01695 S&P International Holding Limited
01832 S.A.I. Leisure Group Company Limited
03822 Sam Woo Construction Group Limited
01660 Sanroc International Holdings Limited
01769 Scholar Education Group
01447 SFK Construction Holdings Limited
01637 SH Group (Holdings) Limited
01787 Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd.
01697 Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd
01635 Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd.
02718 Shanghai Dongzheng Automotive Finance Co., Ltd.
06826 Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
01877 Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co., Ltd. - B
06116 Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co., Ltd.
01835 Shanghai Realway Capital Assets Management Co., Ltd.
01749 Shanshan Brand Management Co., Ltd.
02066 Shengjing Bank Co., Ltd
06806 Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co., Ltd.
01633 Sheung Yue Group Holdings Limited
01587 Shineroad International Holdings Limited
01741 Shing Chi Holdings Limited
01647 SHIS Limited
01706 Shuang Yun Holdings Limited
00650 Shun Cheong Holdings Limited
01591 Shun Wo Group Holdings Limited
01713 Sichuan Energy Investment Development Co., Ltd.
00807 SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd.
06833 Sinco Pharmaceuticals Holdings Limited
01759 Sino Gas Holdings Group Limited
01418 Sinomax Group Limited
01362 SiS Mobile Holdings Limited
01696 Sisram Medical Ltd
03882 Sky Light Holdings Limited
02166 Smart-Core Holdings Limited
02239 SMIT Holdings Limited
02227 Solis Holdings Limited
02448 Space Group Holdings Limited
01560 Star Properties Group (Cayman Islands) Limited
01825 Sterling Group Holdings Limited
02262 Steve Leung Design Group Limited
01430 Suchuang Gas Corporation Limited
01781 Sun Cheong Creative Development Holdings Limited
01975 Sun Hing Printing Holdings Limited
01568 Sundart Holdings Limited
01771 Sunfonda Group Holdings Limited
02608 Sunshine 100 China Holdings Ltd
06811 Tai Hing Group Holdings Limited
06161 Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited
01979 Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited
02292 Thing On Enterprise Limited
02182 Tian Chang Group Holdings Ltd.
01980 Tian Ge Interactive Holdings Limited
06119 Tian Yuan Group Holdings Limited
01619 Tianhe Chemicals Group Limited
01671 Tianjin Tianbao Energy Co., Ltd.
01773 Tianli Education International Holdings Limited
06836 Tianyun International Limited
01470 Tic Tac International Holdings Company Limited
01790 TIL Enviro Limited
01729 Time Interconnect Technology Limited
01327 Time2U International Holding Limited
01939 Tokyo Chuo Auction Holdings Limited
00780 Tongcheng-Elong Holdings Limited
02363 Tongda Hong Tai Holdings Limited
01752 Top Education Group Ltd
01710 Trio Industrial Electronics Group Limited
01767 TS Wonders Holding Limited
01986 Tsaker Chemical Group Limited
02119 Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited
06182 Twintek Investment Holdings Limited
01711 Ulferts International Limited
00722 UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited
02138 Union Medical Healthcare Limited
02337 United Strength Power Holdings Limited
02666 Universal Medical Financial & Technical Advisory Services Company Limited
02346 Universal Star (Holdings) Limited
00627 U-RIGHT International Holdings Limited
06113 UTS Marketing Solutions Holdings Limited
02003 VCredit Holdings Limited
01621 Vico International Holdings Limited
03878 Vicon Holdings Limited
01612 Vincent Medical Holdings Limited
01565 Virscend Education Company Limited
06133 Vital Mobile Holdings Limited
01873 Viva Biotech Holdings
03738 Vobile Group Limited
01608 VPower Group International Holdings Limited
02683 Wah Sun Handbags International Holdings Limited
01305 Wai Chi Holdings Company Limited
03321 Wai Hung Group Holdings Limited
01718 Wan Kei Group Holdings Limited
01243 Wang On Properties Limited
01400 Wang Tai Holdings Limited
01735 Wang Yang Holdings Limited
01762 Wanka Online Inc.
02258 Watts International Maritime Engineering Limited
03848 Wealthy Way Group Limited
01793 Wecon Holdings Limited
01845 Weigang Environmental Technology Holding Group Limited
02013 Weimob Inc
01570 Weiye Holdings Limited
02120 Wenzhou Kangning Hospital Co., Ltd.
00288 WH Group Limited
01997 Wharf Real Estate Investment Company Limited
00994 Win Win Way Construction Holdings Ltd.
06080 Wing Chi Holdings Limited
06068 Wisdom Education International Holdings Company Limited
06100 Wise Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd
02359 WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.
02269 WuXi Biologics (Cayman) Inc.
01289 Wuxi Sunlit Science and Technology Company Limited
00520 Xiabuxiabu Catering Management (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.
01810 Xiaomi Corporation - W
01571 Xin Point Holdings Limited
01748 Xin Yuan Enterprises Group Limited
01755 Xinchengyue Holdings Limited
01990 Xinghua Port Holdings Ltd.
02699 Xinming China Holdings Limited
01799 Xinte Energy Co., Ltd.
03868 Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited
01585 Yadea Group Holdings Ltd.
01480 Yan Tat Group Holdings Limited
03668 Yancoal Australia Ltd
06869 Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company
03708 Yat Sing Holdings Limited
01662 Yee Hop Holdings Limited
01558 YiChang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
03639 Yida China Holdings Limited
01796 Yield Go Holdings Ltd.
01579 Yihai International Holding Ltd.
01902 Yincheng International Holding Co., Ltd.
02858 Yixin Group Limited
01536 Yuk Wing Group Holdings Limited
02682 Yun Lee Marine Group Holdings Limited
06839 Yunnan Water Investment Co., Limited
02660 Zengame Technology Holding Limited
01743 Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Group Company Limited
01158 Zhejiang New Century Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
01527 Zhejiang Tengy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
06158 Zhenro Properties Group Limited
01538 Zhong Ao Home Group Limited
06060 ZhongAn Online P & C Insurance Co., Ltd.
01216 Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd.
03737 Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited
01458 Zhou Hei Ya International Holdings Company Limited
06866 Zuoli Kechuang Micro-finance Company Limited

A Biotech Company listed under Chapter 18A of the Listing Rules has its name that ends with the marker "B".
An issuer with a WVR structure has its company name that ends with the marker "W".