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Updated: 26 June 2019

Year: 2019

Date of First Posting



2019-06-26 Chung Fung Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-25 China Shenli Construction Materials Holding Limited Active
2019-06-25 Home Control International Limited Active
2019-06-24 China New Energy Limited Active
2019-06-24 Joyce Boutique Group Limited Active
2019-06-24 Landrich Holding Limited Active
2019-06-24 Maike Tube Industry Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-24 Tasly Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Active
2019-06-21 Chengde Technology Co., Ltd. Active
2019-06-21 Foshan Water and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Active
2019-06-18 Guo Hua Technology Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-18 JY Grandmark Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-17 Huarchi Global Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-17 Hygieia Group Limited Active
2019-06-12 Shenzhen Leoking Environmental Group Company Limited Active
2019-06-11 SEM Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-11 Yue Kan Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-10 Shanghai Kindly Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. Active
2019-06-06 Bank of Guizhou Co., Ltd. Active
2019-06-04 Cirtek Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-04 Daikiya Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-03 China Oriented International Holdings Limited Active
2019-06-03 The Feng Huang Group Limited Active
2019-06-03 Van Chuam International (China) Limited Active
2019-05-31 Piston Holdings Group Limited Active
2019-05-30 Chinasoft Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-27 Global Delight Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-27 Shockley Technology Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-24 Sinic Holdings (Group) Company Limited Active
2019-05-23 China Lumena New Materials Corp. Active
2019-05-23 Hong Kong Entertainment Group Holdings Company Limited Active
2019-05-23 Orsun Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-17 Zhongliang Holdings Group Company Limited Active
2019-05-15 CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited Listed
2019-05-15 Kwung's Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-14 JH Educational Technology Inc. Listed
2019-05-10 Budweiser Brewing Company APAC Limited Active
2019-05-10 Heniemo Home Collection Co., Ltd Active
2019-05-08 Ruicheng (China) Media Group Limited Active
2019-05-07 China Tianbao Group Development Company Limited Active
2019-05-07 Hongtai International Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-07 Jiujiuwang Food International Limited Active
2019-05-07 SiS Hospitality Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-03 MBV International Limited Active
2019-05-02 Analogue Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-02 Asiagroup International Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-02 Beijing Enterprises Urban Resources Group Limited Active
2019-05-02 Helenbergh China Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-02 Silver Tide Holdings Limited Active
2019-05-02 Wenye Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-30 Jianzhi Education Technology Group Company Limited Active
2019-04-30 Xinyuan Property Management Service (Cayman) Ltd. Active
2019-04-29 Impro Precision Industries Limited Active
2019-04-29 Renrui Human Resources Technology Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-29 TOT BIOPHARM International Company Limited - B Active
2019-04-25 Ascentage Pharma Group International - B Active
2019-04-25 Ugift Holdings Company Limited Active
2019-04-24 Kato (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited Listed
2019-04-23 Sino-Entertainment Technology Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-18 Continent Pharmaceuticals Inc. Active
2019-04-18 Jilin Province Chuncheng Heating Company Limited Active
2019-04-18 SANVO Fine Chemicals Group Limited Active
2019-04-18 Town Ray Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-16 Bright Future Technology Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-16 Head & Shoulders Financial Group Limited Active
2019-04-16 Impact Global Holdings (Cayman) Company Limited Active
2019-04-16 Unity Enterprise Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-15 Grown Up Group Investment Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-15 Harrison Asset Management Holding Limited Active
2019-04-15 Hutchison China MediTech Limited Active
2019-04-15 Wai Fong Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-15 YCIH Green High-Performance Concrete Company Limited Active
2019-04-12 China Agrotech Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-11 Fultra Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-11 Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited Listed
2019-04-10 Huijing Holdings Company Limited Active
2019-04-08 Clarity Medical Group Holding Limited Active
2019-04-08 Numans Health Food Holdings Company Limited Active
2019-04-08 Tailam Tech Construction Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-03 EuroEyes International Eye Clinic Limited Active
2019-04-03 Haina Intelligent Equipment International Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-03 Precious Dragon Technology Holdings Limited Listed
2019-04-02 Changliao Inc. Active
2019-04-02 LFG Investment Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-01 Contel Technology Company Limited Active
2019-04-01 CR Construction Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-01 Raffles Interior Limited Active
2019-04-01 Sprocomm Intelligence Limited Active
2019-04-01 Wise Ally International Holdings Limited Active
2019-04-01 Xinji Shaxi Group Co., Ltd Active
2019-03-29 Beng Soon Machinery Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-29 Duiba Group Limited Listed
2019-03-29 Privazio Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-28 Jianyue Construction Group Limited Active
2019-03-28 The Great Restaurant Development Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-27 Green Future Food Hydrocolloid Marine Science Company Limited Active
2019-03-27 Haitong UniTrust International Leasing Co., Ltd. Listed
2019-03-27 Homeland Interactive Technology Ltd. Active
2019-03-26 Heaven-Sent Gold Group Company Limited Active
2019-03-25 Acme International Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-25 Edensoft Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-25 Richful Deyong Holdings Group Limited Withdrawn
2019-03-22 CMGE Technology Group Limited Active
2019-03-22 Lever Style Corporation Active
2019-03-21 360 Ludashi Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-21 Hao Cheng Holding Limited Active
2019-03-21 Wonderscape Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-20 Confidence Intelligence Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-20 Mulsanne Group Holding Limited Listed
2019-03-20 Suoxinda Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-19 China PengFei Group Limited Active
2019-03-19 Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited Listed
2019-03-15 Hands Form Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-14 HY Technology Holding Limited Rejected
2019-03-14 IES Technology (Holdings) Limited Active
2019-03-14 Legion Consortium Limited Active
2019-03-13 FriendTimes Inc. Active
2019-03-12 China Yingrun Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-11 Frontage Holdings Corporation Listed
2019-03-11 Khoon Group Limited Active
2019-03-08 Mabpharm Limited-B Listed
2019-03-07 IntelliCentrics Global Holdings Ltd. Listed
2019-03-07 Sun Car Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. Active
2019-03-06 Synergychem Group Holdings Limited Rejected
2019-03-04 Sichuan Languang JUSTBON Services Group Co., Ltd. Active
2019-03-01 CECEP Costin New Materials Group Limited Active
2019-03-01 Dalipal Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-01 ESR Cayman Limited Active
2019-03-01 Jiu Zun Digital Interactive Entertainment Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-03-01 Justin Allen Holdings Limited Active
2019-02-28 Tin Shing Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-02-28 Wai Yat International (Holding) Limited Active
2019-02-26 China Everbright Water Limited Listed
2019-02-26 Huisen Household International Group Limited Active
2019-02-26 IVD Medical Holding Limited Active
2019-02-26 Jinshang Bank Co., Ltd Active
2019-02-25 C-Link Squared Limited Active
2019-02-21 Centenary United Holdings Limited Active
2019-02-21 Microbeam International Holdings Limited Active
2019-02-21 Shinelong Automotive Lightweight Application Limited Active
2019-02-20 Keio Holdings Limited Rejected
2019-02-19 Hevol Services Group Co. Limited Active
2019-02-18 Jinxin Fertility Group Limited Listed
2019-02-14 B & D Strategic Holdings Limited Listed
2019-02-11 Golden Bridge United Financial Services Holdings Group Limited Active
2019-02-08 Hong Kong Johnson Holdings Co., Ltd. Active
2019-02-08 Sunny New Energy Holdings Limited Active
2019-02-04 Q P Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-02-04 TBK & Sons Holdings Limited Active
2019-02-01 Edvantage Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-02-01 Koolearn Technology Holding Limited Listed
2019-02-01 Rizhao Port Jurong Co., Ltd. Listed
2019-02-01 Shangde Qizhi Education Group Limited Active
2019-01-31 Accel Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-01-31 Ritamix Global Limited Active
2019-01-31 Unipact Entertainment and Productions (Holdings) Limited Active
2019-01-30 Kimou Environmental Holding Limited Active
2019-01-29 Huali University Group Limited Active
2019-01-29 Platt Nera International Limited Active
2019-01-28 AM Group Holdings Limited Listed
2019-01-28 Feiyang International Holdings Group Limited Active
2019-01-28 Kelfred Holdings Limited Active
2019-01-28 SMC Electric Limited Active
2019-01-25 Kuke Music Holding Limited Withdrawn
2019-01-24 Team Eight Group Holdings Limited Active
2019-01-22 International Alliance Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Listed
2019-01-22 ManpowerGroup Greater China Limited Active
2019-01-21 Wenzhou Chengjian Group Co., Ltd. Active
2019-01-18 Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co., Ltd. Listed
2019-01-18 Tai Hing Group Holdings Limited Listed
2019-01-17 Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Active
2019-01-16 Scholar Education Group Listed
2019-01-15 KEH Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2019-01-15 Sang Hing Holdings (International) Limited Active
2019-01-14 Palace Banquet Holdings Limited Listed
2019-01-14 Shanghai Gench Education Group Limited Active
2019-01-11 Tu Yi Holding Company Limited Active
2019-01-09 GHW International Active
2019-01-08 Wecon Holdings Limited Listed
2019-01-07 Wai Hung Group Holdings Limited Listed
2019-01-04 JHP Fintech Inc. Active
2019-01-03 Golden Shield Holdings (Industrial) Limited Active

A Biotech Company listed under Chapter 18A of the Listing Rules has its name that ends with the marker "B".
An issuer with a WVR structure has its company name that ends with the marker "W".