ECO-TEK HLDGS<08169> - Results Announcement (Final, 2002/2003, Summary)

Eco-Tek Holdings Limited announced on 12/01/2004:
(stock code: 08169 )

Year end date                         :31/10/2003
Currency                              :HKD
Auditors' report                      :Unqualified
Interim Report Reviewed by            :N/A

Important Note :

This result announcement form only contains extracted information from
and should be read in conjunction with the detailed results announcement
of the issuer, which can be viewed on the GEM website at

                                             (Audited)         (Audited)
                                              Current Last Corresponding
                                               Period             Period
                                       from 01/11/2002   from 01/11/2001
                                         to 31/10/2003     to 31/10/2002
                                                 $'000             $'000

Turnover                              :        104,039            31,380
Profit/(Loss) from Operations         :         15,837             4,821
Finance cost                          :            N/A               N/A
Share of Profit/(Loss) of Associates  :            N/A               N/A
Share of Profit/(Loss) of Jointly
         Controlled Entites           :            N/A               N/A
Profit/(Loss) after Taxation & MI     :         12,986             4,005
% Change Over the Last Period         :      +224.24 %
          Basic (in dollar)           :     HKD 0.0235        HKD 0.0074
          Diluted (in dollar)         :       HKD 0.02        HKD 0.0062
Extraordinary (ETD) Gain/(Loss)       :            N/A               N/A
Profit (Loss) after ETD Items         :         12,986             4,005
Final Dividends per Share             :  HKD1.15 cents      HKD0.35 cent
(specify if with other options)       :            N/A               N/A
B/C Dates for Final Dividends         :16/02/2004   to 18/02/2004   bdi.
Payable Date                          :     25/02/2004
B/C Dates for (-) General Meeting     :            N/A
Other Distribution for Current Period :            NIL
B/C Dates for Other Distribution      :            N/A
                                              (bdi: both days inclusive)

            For and on behalf of
            Eco-Tek Holdings Limited

Signature :
     Name : Chor Ngai
    Title : Company Secretary

Responsibility statement

The directors of the Company (the "Directors") as at the date hereof
hereby collectively and individually accept full responsibility for the
accuracy of the information contained in this results announcement form
(the "Information") and confirm, having made all reasonable inquiries,
that to the best of their knowledge and belief the Information are
accurate and complete in all material respects and not misleading and
that there are no other matters the omission of which would make the
Information herein inaccurate or misleading. The Directors acknowledge
to the Information and undertake to indemnify the Exchange against all
to the Information and undertake to indemnify the Exchange against all
liability incurred and all losses suffered by the Exchange in connection
with or relating to the Information.


1. Principal accounting policies and basis of preparation

The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with Hong Kong
Statements of Standard Accounting Practice, accounting principles
generally accepted in Hong Kong and the disclosure requirements of the
Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.  They have been prepared under the
historical cost convention.

The consolidated financial statements include the financial statements
of the Company and its subsidiaries of the year ended 31 October 2003.
The results of subsidiaries acquired or disposed of during the year are 
consolidated from or to their effective dates of acquisition or disposal
respectively.  All significant intercompany transactions and balances 
within the Group are elimiated on consolidation.

2. Earnings per share

The earnings per share amount for the year is calculated based on the 
consolidated  net profit attributable to shareholders of the Company
for the year of HK$12,986,000 (2002: HK$4,005,000) and the
weighted average of 552,800,000 ordinary shares in issue during the 
year (2002: 540,683,836 ordinary shares, deemed to have been issued
and issuable on the assumption that the group reorganisation and the
capitalisation issue of 414,000,000 ordinary shares of the Company had
been effective on 27 October 1999 (pro forma formation date of the

The calculation of the diluted earnings per share for the year ended 31
October 2003 is based on the consolidated net profit attributable to 
shareholders of the Company for the year of HK$12,986,000
(2002: HK$4,005,000) and 649,626,979 (2002: 642,535,091) ordinary
shares, being the 552,800,000 (2002: 540,683,836) ordinary shares
as used in the calculation of basic earnings per share, and the
weighted average of 96,826,979 (2002: 101,851,255) ordinary shares
assumed to have been issued at no consideration on the deemed exercise
of the pre-IPO share options, the option granted to Advance New
Technology Limited ("ANT-Option"), and the post-IPO share options.